I don’t know why they say “you have a baby.” The baby has you.” – Gallagher


Diaper bag is going to be you handbag for sometime now. Selecting and packing a diaper bag is a daunting task. Here is the list of what to include in your diaper bag.

1. A Diaper bag. Diaper bags have compartments to organize zillions of things that a baby needs. There also compartments to keep cold bottle. Some of them also come with a changing pad. A bag backpack diaper bag can also be good option, especially when travelling without a car. You can also convert one of your favorite totes into a diaper bag with organising inserts.
2. Diapers
3. Wipes
4. Changing mat to change diapers
5. Plastic bags for soiled diapers & wipes. You can find a small handy diaper trash bags which help lock the smell of diapers for sometime. Summer infants, Arm and Hammer are some of the names.
6. Baby Bottles. I find using nursers with disposable liners easy to use. I use the playtex nursers with liners and I change the nipples size as needed.
7. Formula /Breast milk.You can premix the formula and carry it in the bottle directly.
8. Breast pads if nursing
9. Thermos to carry water at a set temperature for baby formula if using the formula sachets.
10. Ice bag to store the bottles/ food.
11. A Bag to store used bottles/food jars/spoons etc.
12. Baby snack / baby food
13. Spoons/ Plates for the food
14. Bibs
15. Burp cloths.
16. Extra pair of baby clothes – pants/ socks/mittens/caps
17. Baby blanket
18. A sippy cup with water/juice/ milk if your baby is old enough to have a sippy.
19. A small water bottle for mommy
20. Baby toys/ rattlers.
21. Hand sanitizer. The ones that you can clip onto your bag handle are great and easy to access. Be aware of the ones with loose caps or caps that you baby can easily open. It can result in to an accidental ingestion of the sanitizer or chocking hazard with the cap. Try to stay away from fruity flavours that can attract your baby to ingest.
22. Face tissues.
23. Extra plastic bags/zip lock bags
24. Mommy’s wallet, Keys/Sunglasses
25. Snack for mommy.
26. Baby’s and mom’s medical insurance card.
27. Emergency contact information
28. A first aid kit with thermometer, bulb syringe, bandages, diaper rash cream, moisturiser, sunscreen, etc

I know that the above list sounds overwhelming. The best way to make it easier is to make separate bags and keep them in your car so that you don’t have to carry everything in your bag all the time.