Bathtime is successful when your kids get wetter than you do” – De Ann Stewart 😉


How often and what time of the day to bathe your baby is really a personal choice. My son had dry skin eczema, so his pediatrician suggested to bathe him twice or thrice a week and Sponge him on the rest of the days. His bath time is in the evening before his good night sleep. This has been his routine since he was 4 weeks old.
Here is the checklist:

1. Baby tub with a drain hole.
2. Place a sponge cushion or an easy squeeze towel inside the tub to support your newborn. Many baby tubs comes with an attachement for new borns.
3. A rinser cup to pour water or a hand shower or a sponge to squeeze water on your baby. Some rinsers are specially designed for pouring water over baby’s head without letting it slide over his face.
4. Baby shampoo/ baby body wash. (I use Aveno)
5. Baby massage oil. (I use organic almond oil from whole foods)
6. Baby moisturizer. (Again Aveno)
7. Baby towel. I have used a big size hand towel until my baby was 3 months old. I found it easier than the hooded towels. I started using the hooded towels after he started sitting in his bathtub.
8. Bath toys to keep your baby engaged. Once you baby starts moving these bath toys will keep your baby engaged to stay in the tub. I have also tried using bumbo seat. If your baby sits, then its a great way to help them transition from baby tub to the adult bathtub.
9. Baby bath toy caddy. It sticks to the bathroom wall and helps drain the wet toys.

A nice warm bath is relaxing for babies as it is for adults. A good massage, warm bath, food and a lullaby or a story is a best way to put your baby for his good night sleep. This routine is also a good stress reliever for many parents; a family time where dad gets an opportunity to play and bond with the baby.

Baby center has good information on how to bathe your baby. Here is the link.