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“It kills you to see them grow up. But I guess it would kill you quicker if they didn’t.” – Barbara Kingsolver


Please check with your baby’s pediatrician before giving any medicines listed below to your baby. Following are some of the over the counter medicine that you can have for the common complains of gas, rash etc. But check with your pediatrician first.

1. Box with baby first aid essentials – thermometer, nasal aspirator, medicine spoon, bandages, gauze rolls etc.
2. Gripe water.
3. Simethicone gas drops.
4. Droppe
r (usually comes with gripe water or Simethicone drops)
5. Diaper rash cream.
6. Any doctor prescribed medicines
7. Humidifier
8. Space heater
(if needed)
9. A flashlight to check areas like nose/ears etc. I have found this helpful to check diaper rash :). yes, really!
10. saline drops for stuffy nose
11. Pedialyte(baby electrolyte) for diarrhea
12. Teething pain reliving gel


1. Baby Monitors
2. Night Light
3. Smoke & Carbon Monoxide detector.

4. As your baby grows and starts crawling, you will need to get your house baby proof. Use safety plugs to cover electrical outlets, lock the drawers and cabinets with drawer latch and cabinet locks and the door knobs with door knob lock. Get a fridge lock as well.
5. Cover corners and edges of furniture with corner guards or edge bumpers.
6. Safety gates to close areas such as staircase
7. Keep the floor clean and throw away object that can easily make its way to your baby’s mouth.