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“A child gives birth to a mother” – Osho

You have just stepped in to the world of motherhood; your most precious gift is in your arms and you know that life is not going to be the same again. Now on your priorities will change. You will be busy preparing for emergency situations, stocking up diapers and groceries, and take my word, that you will be on your toes round the clock, 24/7. It is going to be an overwhelming, sometimes frustrating, often challenging, but for sure it will be the most rewarding period of life.

You want to do everything right for your new addition; so here is a checklist or a to-do list for ‘hospital to home’ and ‘baby ready home’ preparations (nursery checklist).


1. Nurse/feed your baby 30 minutes before leaving the hospital.
30 minutes will give you enough time to hold your baby straight up for burping, change the diapers (which is quite likely needed after feeding), change clothes in case of spit up.

2. Dress your baby in her ‘go-home’ clothes or the kimono onesie which I suggested in the my ‘Hospital bag checklist’.

3. Run your car for 10 to 15 minutes in advance to get a comfortable temperature for your newborn’s first trip. I had my baby in a perfect spring weather, but the day I took him home it was 85F. Make sure that your is car ready with the car seat base installed as suggested in my last post. Also, install the necessary window shades, baby view mirror, and other required accessories beforehand.

4. Be ready to nurse/feed your baby when you get home. The car ride, the travel, and a new place can be tiring for your newborn.

5. I suggests mommy to have a granular bar or something in the car on your way home. It is always a good idea to keep some high protein snack in your bag (which you must be already carrying during pregnancy) for a quick energy boost you might need to feed/nurse your baby when you get home.

6. Ask someone to videotape your baby’s first homecoming. Make sure your baby’s room or nursery is ready with all the required things. (Check my next post on nursery checklist)

Ahh…your new addition is now home, and your home is not going to look the same again. :).